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Spicy Melon Lemonade:

I have grown up drinking a lot of lemonade back in India, where it is commonly referred to as nimbu paani. Lemonade was a staple drink served to kids as well as for entertaining guests on a hot summer day in Delhi. Now that I make my own lemonade here in the bay area, california, I give it my own twist and add in a punch of one of my favorite fruits – Watermelon. They are the perfect fruit to consume on a hot day, due to its high water content and its refreshing flavor when eaten right out of the refrigerator. And of course, who can forget the great nutrients it boasts of. Watermelons contain a high amount of lycopene which is great for cardiovascular and bone health. It has great anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. Prepare this drink and store in the refrigerator for about 4-5 hours and enjoy!


WHAT you need

2 delicious lemons

1 cup of chilled refreshing water melon chunks

1 thumb of ginger to add some tart and spice

2 tsp of any sweetener of your choice ( ahem ahem! it better be a healthy one – egs: agave nectar, maple syrup, raw honey, stevia)

and of course, 2 glasses of our favorite beverage – water! 

HOW to prepare

The traditional way – Pour the water into a jug, squeeze two lemons and add a thumb of crushed ginger to spice it up. Take a handful of mint leaves and crush them until they become mushy. Do the same with the water melons and add these into the jug and let it refrigerate for a few hours. You can also add salt as per your taste, add the sweetener and top it up with a few ice cubes.

The juicer way – Alternately, you can also use a juicer to prepare this drink. Add the lemons, ginger, watermelons and mint into the juicer. Pour some chilled water into this juice and stir it well. I usually add some ice cubes into my juicer itself.

Try this and let me know how it goes!

Stay healthy!!