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Ok, so I’m going to write about something some of you will probably hate, because almost each one of us loves sodas and soft drinks. Yes, I am going to be inking down why me must all throw away the numerous crates of sodas and diet sodas in our refrigerator. Better still, I will also list down few healthy substitutes that you could quickly prepare and consume to quench your thirst for carbonated drinks.

Why Soda and Diet Soda is bad for you:

Go through the ingredients of any soda and you will notice some interesting ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, phosphoric acid, artificial flavors, artificial colors, natural flavors to name a few. Lets look at the properties of some of these:

1) High fructose corn syrup – HCFS is a cheap alternative to sucrose, and is obtained from genetically modified crops. HFCS consumption is linked to higher risk of diabetes and obesity.

2) Aspartame is believed to cause cancer, tumor and damage to the nervous system. Yet, this artificial sweetener continues to be used in more than 6,000 products (often sugar-free or “diet” versions), and millions of people consume this toxic chemical daily, believing it to be a healthy alternative to sugar.

3) Phosphoric acid – Colas contain a chemical known as phosphoric acid, which has been associated with several health conditions including osteoporosis, kidney disease and erosion of tooth enamel.

4) Artificial flavors, natural flavors and artificial colors – All these ingredients are harmful for the human body and are linked to the incidence of diabetes, obesity, tumors and various forms of cancer. These flavors are also responsible for tricking your brain to becoming ‘addicted’ to their products and to want more and more. This is because at the cellular level your body is still hungry as it is craving for energy and nutrition and so you end up consuming more and more calories.

Here is a pictorial representation of the sugar content in certain sodas. (source: http://www.gfitdontquit.com)


Ok so we all have at some point in our lives heard about the harmful effects of soda, but we still face the urge to pop open a can of soda from our refrigerator and consume a can on a hot day. Next time on, say NO to yourselves. You could probably prepare some of these thirst quenchers for yourself. It may not be as satisfying as soda, but will certainly quench your thirst for the time being and slowly your body will begin loving it 😉

1) Spicy Watermelon Lemonade

2) Iced Mint Green Tea

Stay healthy..