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Over the last few years the definition of health & fitness has consistently changed for me. Starting with ‘being thin’, ‘consuming less calories’, ‘avoiding sugar and desserts’, ‘doing yoga three times a week’. It is only now that I truly understand and ‘feel’ healthy & fit.

Fitness to me is about having a healthy mind, healthy body, being happier, taking the time out each day to nurture yourself and your body, worshipping your health, feeling energized, greater endurance and strength and I reiterate – being happy!Β 


By god’s grace I have always been on the thinner side. But I was never truly healthy. My energy levels were low and so was my strength. I had started to believe that I am ‘made’ like that and nothing can be done about my stamina and fitness levels. ( Yes, people who are thin and skinny are not always necessarily ecstatic!). Being truly healthy and fit brings about a glow on your face, a shine, a spark which is almost envious. When you are fit, you are not just thin or skinny, you are just plain healthy and gorgeous. And that is what I want to address through this blog post. I read of so many young girls wanting to be skinny, thin, get that thigh gap and all the innumerable fads that I’m still not completely aware about.

Always aim at having a healthy, clean, lifestyle. Be aware of what goes inside your body and even on your body ( skin, face, hair). I consciously make an effort on the following areas of my life:

1. Starting my day clean with some warm lemon water followed by a fresh green juice.

2. Being consciously aware of what I am eating throughout the day including my meals and snacks. I try substituting snacks with healthy options like fruits, kale chips, sweet potato chips.

3. Plan my meals for the day in the morning and prep up in terms of cutting veggies etc. I try not to give myself an excuse of ‘did not plan or prep for dinner and it’s too late to prepare a meal now, so lets grab some pizzas’.

4. I keep experimenting with healthy recipes. There are tonnes of healthy blogs and instagram health accounts I follow and it is truly unbelievable how tasty healthy food can actually be. We eat clean throughout the week and on the weekends we loosen up a little bit :P.

5. Exercise ! There is no shortcut to fitness and exercise has to be a vital part of your day if you want to be fit. I exercise for about 60 mins 5 times a week. Even a 30 min exercise is very beneficial. Exercise instantly wakes up my body, gives me a push and energizes me. The feeling after a workout is so fulfilling and completely worth it. I will write about what kind of exercises I like doing and I always like following a blend of fitness activities like yoga, running, kickboxing and more.Β 

6. I not only keep myself aware of what goes into my body but also what goes on it. I try and apply natural home made masks on my face and hair at least twice a week. I like using raw coconut oil and apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and toner ( yes! thats true!) and my skin glows. I have almost thrown out most of my synthetic masks, cleansers, shampoos and believe in natural organic products or home made remedies. I have posted a few home made masks in the ‘beauty’ section of my blog.Β 

I would love to know your health and fitness regime. It is definitely the secret to my happiness πŸ™‚