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Lemons, lemons and more lemons! Sometimes my husband says I am enough to support the lemon economy…lol. Growing up, my only exposure and access to freshly squeezed lemon juice was a drizzle or two on salads and occasionally through home made lemonades. But there’s more to lemons than what meets the eye πŸ˜‰ I use lemons in the following ways:

1) First beverage in the morning – warm lemon water

2) By mixing some lemon juice in green tea

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3) Adding in juice of half of a lemon in green juices

3) Squeeze some lemon juice in salad dressings along with olive oil

4) Mixing a good doze of lemon juice in plain water whenever I am thirsty

5) Using it in face packs and hair packs

Why I am crazy about lemons? There are tons of reasons… Lemons are not just a good source of vitamin C, but also Vitamin B6, Thiamin and minerals like Copper and Calcium. They are super good for digestion, detoxing and also relief from acidity. Yes acidity! lemons are not acidic, they are in fact alkaline when they enter our bodies and hence help get relief from acidity.

I am on my way to learning some super fun cocktail and mocktail recipes using lemon juice. More on that coming up!

I also love love applying lemon juice on my face. It’s great for skin and helps reduce those nasty blemishes or acne we all get once in a while. It also helps add a beautiful glow. And just when we thought we are done with the beautiful benefits of lemon, theres more! Lemon juice is also really really good for the hair. Its the best anti dandruff treatment for hair specially when mixed with yogurt.

Well some research also states that lemons help reduce weight. Specially when mixed with honey and warm water. I am not entirely sure of this claim but there is no harm trying, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Here’s a quick recipe of honey, lemon and ginger tea that I make all the time. Its also great for treating sore throat and is so good for health and did I mention, tasty too?

So go stock up on those lemons ladies πŸ™‚