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Who likes mornings? Who are those 0.007926xxx% percent of the population who are ‘morning people’ ?? Anyway, as you may have guessed, I was not born to be a morning person. And the morning alarm can only make it worse.

Mornings can be quite hectic and packed specially if we are working, and weekend mornings are obviously lazy, laid back and sometimes you just want to be snuggled up in bed for like the whole day!

However difficult mornings may seem, I have realized that it’s really the morning habits that make your day. So I try hard, very hard to have a happy, healthy and disciplined morning routine for an even happier, healthier day ahead.

I have suggested below few things we can all do every morning that can turn out to be so healthy for the future years and it is just a matter of making them part of your daily routine and getting used to it.

1) Wake up 10 mins earlier .. Dang! – I know, I know this is easier said than done. Those 10 mins seem as if 8 hours of our sleep are all bundled up in those 10 mins. Lol! But now that I get up 10 mins earlier, I find it easy to just sit back and first be thankful for another day, breathe and observe the beautiful morning. I find it so much better than taking those 10 mins of extra sleep, hurrying outta the bed, forgetting a thing or two, feeling grumpy and preparing your lunch box till the last milli-second. Getting up 10 mins earlier makes me rise up as a happier person and be aware and grateful of another beautiful day.

2) Cut on the caffeine…Yeah! – While caffeine does offer health benefits, it is better to consume it later in the day rather than as the first thing in the morning. The worst part about caffeine is its addictive nature and so many people just cannot begin their day without this addiction. According to an article in Forbes, the best time to have coffee is between 9:30-11:30 am, when our cortisol levels have dipped and are not at their peak (6:00-9:00 am). On an empty stomach caffeine can also cause a drop in blood sugar levels leading to more sugar cravings.

3) Drink warm lemon water instead – I can go on and on about the benefits of consuming a glass of warm lemon water. It is so so good for digestion and maintaining the pH of your body. A highly acidic system can be very bad for health and lemons can help with their alkalizing effects. It is also very good for detoxing and helps get that glow to your skin. Read more about why I adore lemons, here! I have been having warm lemon water for 3 years now and I have no craving whatsoever for consuming coffee in the morning. It really does help to cut cravings for coffee and tea.


4) Have a healthy, hearty breakfast… bURP!– Yes we have all heard about the famous saying – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and blah blah. The most basic premise around this statement is that your morning breakfast is what provides you the energy for the rest of the day, for your work if you are working professional, for studying and concentrating on your lectures if you are a student and for completing the endless chores of the day if you are a home maker. Amongst other things, it helps improve your body’s metabolism. But you will reap these benefits only if you eat a healthy breakfast and not a sugar laden granola/energy bar or cereal. I will do a full blown post on simple, healthy breakfast ideas. But a basic egg on toast with a glass of smoothie can do wonders for your health and for the rest of the day.

5) Consume greens … Heck Yeah! – Consuming green juice every morning has proven to be so good for me in so many aspects. It’s the best way to consume the necessary vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients the human body requires. It’s great for detoxing and flushing out the toxins, so good for digestion and amazing for the skin. The best part about having juice is the burst of energy it gives me throughout the day.It literally can help kick start the day and provides the necessary fuel for the brain at work or school. Read more about the whys and hows of juicing here. Another great alternative for juices is green smoothies. Its much simpler to prepare and keeps your system full for a longer time because it contains loads of fibre. Read more about juicing vs smoothies here.


Gradually embarking upon these habits can really really make a big difference to the overall health and well being of the mind and body. It’s taken me time to overcome my lazy habits and gradually taking a healthful step one at a time. But it really has been worth it !! It helps provide the spark and energy you need for the day and helps cut down the bad cravings.