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Lets talk tea 😀

I am a total tea buff and it’s about time I dedicate a whole post to tea… It boasts of sooo many health benefits and the variety of types and flavors of tea available today are simply amazing!!

I am a fan of three broad types of teas and I can easily drink up to 3 cups of tea a day… its my beverage, my snack, my digestive healer, my detox bud and so many more things…. 😀


If you want to really get into the Tea thing, I would recommend these three tea types:

  • Black Tea: Black tea is produced by a shrub called Camellia Sinesis, Black tea leaves are withered, rolled and fermented, before the final heating process. Black tea boasts of health benefits like protected heart health, managing diabetes and a great source of anti-oxidants. Black tea can also help control cravings therefore aiding in weight loss. A caveat here though is that, black tea contains caffeine. Now the good news is that black tea contains much less caffeine than a same mug of coffee. Additionally, I would recommend a pure cup of black tea if you are looking to receive the abundant health benefits, rather than adding the occasional creamer and sugar (a complete no no!). Bottom Line: A 1 cup of black tea does no harm and moderation is really the key.
  • Green tea: Oh yes..no blog post on the health benefits of tea is really complete without a mention of green tea. Green tea is obtained from the same shrub as black tea but black tea is oxidized and processed whereas green tea is not. That is why green tea retains its ‘green’ color. Green tea contains powerful anti-oxidants and helps prevent cancer, heart diseases and are also known to reverse the signs of aging. It also helps with aiding in digestion and improving metabolism that helps regulate weight. And yes, green tea also contains caffeine, but much less than that in black tea.
  • Herbal tea: Save the best for the last… well, in my case at least! I love love love herbal tea… So technically speaking, herbal teas are not really teas. Rather, “herbal teas” are single or blended infusions of leaves, fruits, bark roots or flowers of almost any edible, non-tea plant. Therefore, most herbal teas are naturally caffeine free. Yay! Herbal teas are my latest obsession and I simply love trying the new flavors and organic brands of herbal teas available (Organic being the operative word here…yeah). You can get so creative experimenting with flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, peppermint and different flowers like chamomile and lavender.

Ok now that the science is covered, lets get to the interesting part of this post. Here’s some tips to have a perfect cup of tea:

  • Pick and choose your mug: If you’re at home with your girl friends or buddies or husband or you are just simply by yourself, why not make tea drinking an event??? If you ask me, I would like to make an event out of every little thing…Umm but more on that later….! I am currently working on expanding my mugs collection and I can’t help but stare at the different shapes, sizes, colors of mugs when I go to a home store. I have a plan to display all my mugs collection on my beautiful kitchen windowsill…Sigh :). Anyways, so when its tea time for me, I first pick up my favorite mug (depending on my mood of course.. ;)). Is it pink, floral, blue or just a simple cup of grey.


  • Pick and choose your tea – Is it green tea today? Or some warm dandelion root detox or a simple home made ginger tea? Pick your tea based on your mood and intent to drink tea. Sometimes it’s what my taste buds crave and sometimes it’s just to give my digestion a boost (especially after that dirty weekend…Yikes!).
  • IMG_9680
  • Pick and choose your sweetener – Ok! Am I really advocating we all have sweet less tea? Nah, not really. But I am definitely not recommending you put in that white ghastly spoonful of powdered refined sugar. A completely big NO! Look for alternative sources of healthy sweet. Yum! My favorite is honey or sometimes maple syrup, but honestly speaking most times, I prefer my tea sweet less. But go ahead and tweak the sweet to your taste.
  • Pick and Choose your herb – This is my favorite part! Experimenting with herbs like mint, sage, basil… my favorites are mint and rosemary. They really help pack a punch to the daily tea. And some herbs blend so beautifully with certain herbal tea flavors. It’s a sight ! So go out there and get creative !!
  • The two secret ingredients – These two ingredients just elevate the health benefits of tea. Especially with respect to detoxing and digestion. I am talking about Lemons and Ginger. I am crazy about lemons and ginger in my tea but to be honest I am not able incorporate these magical creatures everyday in my tea specially because I am at work for 3/4ths of the day. But I definitely don’t give these a miss on the weekend.


If you are at the stage of experimenting with your tea flavors and herbs and sweeteners and lemons and gingers, it may take sometime till you figure out what you love best. But hey, go ahead and go crazy with your new tea routine. Its super fun, I promise!!

Also, I urge you all to stick to organic brands because you do not want your tea to be laden with pesticides …eeww! My favorites are Numi, Yogi and Traditional Medicinals.

Ok Guys! Its tea-off for me 🙂