About my blog

My health contributes to my nature and nature contributes to my health! Yes, I’m a health enthusiast and I love raw and nature based foods and products. I am also a keen lover of yoga and occasionally indulge in many other fitness activities like pilates, weight training, ballet, kick boxing and running. As my love for health and healthy things grew, I became more and more cognizant of the industrialized food and chemical products and the impact that they have on human health & well being. It is therefore my intention to spread awareness about healthy eating, fitness and a healthy lifestyle in general and contribute to making the world a healthier place to live in.

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Disclaimer – Please be aware that my articles are not a result of primary research nor views of my own. They are all facts and data based on the numerous web links and books I go through, to conduct an exhaustive research on the topic I am reading about. This may also include fragments of information from other inspirational health bloggers I follow. I make it a point to mention my sources at the bottom of my articles. Please feel free to skim through those links and read more about what I have written. In case any of my readers are suffering from any health disorders, diseases, I will be more than happy if my blog posts could be of use to any of you. However, please refer to your doctor before making any changes in diets/physical activities etc.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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